Save time, money and space!

We’re the only hay supplier who can produce a 10kg box of hay smaller than a suitcase. 

A convenient and compact way to store 10kg of hay.

Perfect for your rabbits and guinea pigs!


8000+ Happy customers

The Micro-Bale

Compact & Convenient

Our much-loved Micro-Bales are the most space-efficient way of storing 10kg of hay. They come in just one box tied in an easy-to-use bale ready to be ripped open by your pet for munching galore!

Delivered for Your Convinience

Our Micro-Bales are delivered directly to your door for the utmost convenience, and with an optional subscription service on offer you can spend less time shopping and more time binkying!

Long Lasting

When stored out of sunlight and in a dry place, our Micro-bales will keep almost indefinitely. Meaning that if you can store them, then they are by far the most affordable way to spoil your pets.

With over 8000 customers, 780 reviews and 100,000's of kg's of hay sold, we're sure you and your pet will love Happy Hay.

Happy Bunnies

Testimonials from our human and rabbit customers
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Amazing quality and amazing service! I am a first time customer and I ordered the micro bale of Timothy hay for my two rabbits and they love it!! It smells lovely and their intake of hay has gone up since giving them this! I ordered and within 24 hours my delivery had arrived. Would deffo recommend!!
Lynn N.
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I Really Really Love It!
Started with the sample box and found the buns loved the rye hay and demolished that sample very quickly. In the same day I ordered the 10k micro bale as finding hay they love that much can be a challenge. My buns have only been on it a week and already have perfect golden poops! Very pleased I have found a new hay supplier!
Laura S
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Naturally HeartMade
This was the cheapest hay delivery I could find, and looked the best! I ordered the 10 kg micro-bale of timothy hay which is £20 cheaper than buying from my local pet shop. Quality is fantastic; it is very fresh with long stalks! Delivery was fast. I am also very impressed that it is environmentally friendly. My guinea pigs love it too!!
Freyja F.


Frequently asked questions
How long does hay keep fresh for?

If kept in the dry and out of direct sunlight, your hay will keep almost indefinitely. We recommend keeping it indoors and in the box it comes in. After all, hay is only made every summer so it needs to keep for at least a year!

Is this suitable for guinea pigs/other small mammals

All of our hays are suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and any other small hay eating herbivores.

Which hay is best for my pet?

The best hay for your pet is the one it will eat the most of. Everyones pets have a different palate buds just like we do. We recommend ordering a sample pack and letting them choose for themselves. If for whatever reason your pet doesn't like your order, then please reach out and we can sort out a replacement to find one that they do like!

Do you offer samples?

Absolutely! Our sample packs contain a small bag of all six types of hay. All we ask is that the customer covers the £5.50 shipping cost


A note from the founder:

Hay makes up 85% of a rabbit's diet, so you're probably buying a lot of it. 

And if you're buying it regularly it can get expensive and time consuming. We also know how much space hay can take up in your home. 

That's why we created The Happy Hay Micro-Bale! To help pet owners, like you, save space. And with the subscription scheme you can also save time, and money. 

In the last year we have made over 8000 rabbits and guinea pigs very happy with their constant supply of yummy hay! And we hope we can make your furry friends happy too. 

Harry Brooks

Founder of The Happy Hay Co.

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